Top Donators

Thank you to all that have donated and shown support on my stream! I couldn’t do this without you! If you donate $5 or more I will add your name on this page. If I’ve missed your name please let me know and I will correct it! Thank you again!


$100+ : Biohazard457, BigC***HairyBally, SevenSinsWolf

$50+ : Aimb0tist, Yesiwant, an4rch0, Mulkow, Boyfower, silentninja62

$20+ : AKCSL, spartan0810

$10+ : Overlord_Odin, Bellonnex, Archonbrood, Jinx. Orbmi, CorriganX, theoriginaleugene, Derickad

$5+: IRLJustin, Twistyahs, AwkwardTruth,  ChaotikNEWTRAAAAAL,  Overlord_Odin,  xoMiaMoore, MCx26, Yosute_Reiko

Amazon Gifts: Jerome J., Mulkow, Lothis

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